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The Rugged Insider, Vol. 4                                                August 2012




GPS is cheap, available, accurate, and wildly successful. This has freaked out some people. This month, we take a look at this ubiquitous technology.  We also describe an elegant solution for a common customization, discuss legacy WLAN, and wonder how the iPad’s popularity  will affect rugged computers.


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Quote of the Month


“There is unexpected beauty hidden everywhere in this world — one just has to be open to seeing it. Remember that the next time you sneeze on your monitor.”   

 — Nathan Walton              


Executive Briefing

GPS and its discontents

Learn about GPS vulnerabilities, proposed enhancements, and possible alternative navigational systems.


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A tale of Two BOBs


Simple Solution for a Complex Problem


Adding a connector to a laptop seems like a simple modification.  It isn’t.  Read about an elegant solution for this common customization.


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Ask the Expert


Does your rugged computer need legacy Wi-Fi?


Since 802.11n is the fastest WLAN standard, why have any legacy Wi-Fi at all?


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On the Web


How the new iPad will affect rugged computers


The always interesting Rugged PC Review takes a look at the influence of the iPad’s popularity on the capabilities of rugged computers.


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Featured Product



RK9 15.1″ Laptop


Learn why the RK9 is our most popular laptop!


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