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Magical Medical Grade Computers

Modern medicine may be hi-tech, but it still has its share of nonsense, i.e. healing practices whose thinking is more “magical” than scientific.  What about so-called Medical-grade” computers?  Do doctors really need them?  Are they useful for non-medical applications?  Our Executive Review takes a look at these questions.

Also, in this month’s Rugged Insider:

      • Business Insider analyzes Microsoft’s troubles and offers some interesting charts.

        • Well-known writer Farhad Manjoo describes the unique business model and technology behind the success of ARM’s processor.

      • Lifehacker tells you more than you want to know about the new “smartwatches.” 

This month AMREL will be AUVSI 2013 (Washington, D.C. August 12-15), where we will announce exciting advances in interoperability.  Read about it here.

AMREL will also be at Wright-Patterson Air Force base (Dayton Ohio, August 20).

See you next month!

Quote of the Month
“If we build it, they will complain.”
John (JR) Morris

Executive Briefing
Magical medical-grade computers 


Are medical-grade computers worth the hype? What exactly are they?

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The Quick Decline of the ‘Windows Monopoly’


Not dead yet, but the post mortems have begun.

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The Wonderful-ness of ARM


Compared to other chip makers, ARM makes little profit.  That’s the secret of its success.

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What Can I Do with a Smartwatch?


Maybe you use it to track your tablet, iPod, phone, and laptop.

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