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Did smartphones & Tablets kill the PC?
A recent decline in sales has led some media observers to proclaim the death of Personal Computer desktops. Many are pointing to the popularity of smaller form factors as the culprit. This month’s Executive Briefing takes a look at this issue and discovers that we may be witnessing something different than the simple triumph of tablets and smartphones.

A while back we examined the advantages and disadvantages of SSDs and HDDs for rugged computers. We took the completely unoriginal position that SSDs are more durable, but HDDs are more economical. A few folks have questioned the prevailing assumption that SSDs are superior. A start-up in Israel wants you know that they have an answer to this problem, which may or may not exist. I found the article a little confusing, but their solution is intriguing.

One of AMREL’s most popular web pages is a MIL-STD 461 whitepaper, which is a little weird, because it is very niche topic. I always figured that there was so little about MIL-STD 461 on the Internet that we drew the few folks who were actually interested in it. I was quite surprised to run across a very readable postdoctoral thesis on its application to civilian applications. This is an issue that drawing more interest because of problems with interoperability and RF deconfliction.

Another busy month for AMREL. Check out our trade show listings in the next column.

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Finally, we here at AMREL care about you, the reader. So, in order to ensure your survival, we are linking to an infographic about how to survive in the wild, using nothing but broken parts of a cell phone. Rugged Insider: the newsletter that may save your life!

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Quote of the Month
"No one ever said on their deathbed, ‘Gee, I wish I had spent more time alone with my computer’."
-Danielle Berry

Executive Briefing

Did smartphones & Tablets kill the PC?
Part I: It’s an iPad world, but not Windows 8’s

computer death
Was it cloud computing? Smartphones? Prof. Mustard in the study with a lead pipe?

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On The Web
SSD’s "dirty little secret"


Raises more questions than answers, but using SSD as a buffer and HHDs as the main storage in a staionary array is a clever idea.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements for Military and Commercial Equipment


Good info about applicability of MIL-STD 461 to consumer and civilian needs.

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On the Web
How to use a Broken Cell Phone as a Survival Tool

broken cell phone

Hint: You can’t eat it

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