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Software Upgrades & Innovation Exhaustion

This month we run Part II of "What killed the PC?" Our list of suspects expands to include software’s new role as an upgrade agent, and the public’s exhaustion with constant innovation.

As PCs become less popular, tablets become more so. Below is a link to an infographic about the adoption of tablets by business.

Many think the recent decline of sales of the PC harkens a keyboardless future. As we ponder the user interfaces of tomorrow, we take a look at the past. We link to an interesting photograph collection of antique, eccentric typewriters.

Normally we reserve stories about unmanned systems for our OCU PROs newsletter (see sample here). However, we think the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot System (AEODRS) program has implications for everyone involved in Defense acquisition, so we reprinted an article about it below.

See you next month!

Executive Briefing
Did Smartphones & Tablets kill the PC? Part II
Software Upgrades & Innovation Exhaustion


PCs are still utilized, but end-users are not buying new hardware the way they once did.
Read Here

The State of Tablet Adoption at Work

Are the tablets the primary or secondary platform at work? What’s the most popular OS for business tablets? This infographic answers these and other questions.
Read Here

Bonus Briefing
AEODRS, Sequestration, and the Wisdom of Lego


If you are in a Defense-related business, you better think long and hard about interoperability.
Read Here

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