Pioneering Customized Rugged Solutions

The Rugged Insider, Vol. 1                                                                                May 2012

Our First Issue

Welcome to our first issue of Rugged Insider Newsletter!

As you may have noticed, life is not getting simpler and neither are rugged computers.  People who acquire rugged solutions must make decisions over on a bewildering set of problems.

What form factor is the best for this application?  If I get a larger display size, will I sacrifice energy efficiency for greater visibility?  How can I get customization at COTS cost?

Every month AMREL will provide you with information to help you answer these and other questions.  In this issue, we cover the pitfalls of customization, the desirability of SSDs, and whether “rugged sleeves” really work.

See you next month!

Quote of the Month

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.”

            Steve Wozniak

Custom Ruggedness

Custom Rugged Computer Quiz

What are the most common mistakes in customizing rugged computers? Take this quiz and find out!

Ask the Expert:  Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD)

Do you need a Solid State Drive (SSD) for your rugged computer?

Every newsletter, we’ll ask one of AMREL’s experts a frequently asked question about computers.  This month, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SSDs. Got a question?  Write to:

Rugged Casing

Extreme sleeves

Some try to avoid purchasing a fully rugged computer, by opting for a protective casing.  Do these casings work? Not always, as the folks at ZDnet found out.

Recommended seminar: COTS

(COTS): Zen & Art of War Fighting Maintenance

The DoD loves COTS, but off-the-shelf parts have their problems. Even though the webinar is from 2010, it is still an excellent overview on how COTS can affect logistics, procurement, and End of Life (EOL).

3rd Party

Product Review

AMREL DB6 Rugged Handheld

Rugged PC Review takes a look at the smallest handheld in the world that runs full Windows 7/ Linux OS.

Featured Solution

DDG-1000 Shipboard COMMS

The futuristic littoral ship needed a PDA customized with a push-to-talk button that could withstand harsh maritime conditions. Read about AMREL’s solution.

Product News

AMREL’s New Rugged Laptops More Powerful

Faster, more powerful, and more flexible than earlier models, AMREL’s new RT9, RK9, and RF9 laptops are perfect for the data-heavy applications.

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