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Think outside the bot:
Simple Solutions through Innovation

An experiment in remote-controlled dogs illustrates the importance of creativity in solution building.  See Executive Briefing below for examples and discussion.

Also in this month’s OCU Pro:

  • FAA decided UAVS are great for fighting California fires, but FEMA pulls the plug on them for Colorado floods.  Check out the video of the floods.

  • Jamming the GPS of unmanned systems is a fact of modern war. So are our efforts to jam the jammers.  See below on the latest.

  • An old clunky robot sold for a surprisingly high price at an auction.  Can’t wait to see obsolete UGVs on Antiques Roadshow.

The big news at AMREL is our new ROCKY RS11, the Lightest, Thinnest, Fully Rugged Laptop in the World!   Many people who have seen it simply can’t believe that something so small is a fully rugged laptop.  Read the specs for yourself here.

See you next month!

Executive Briefing

Think outside the bot: Simple Solutions through Innovation

  For science and engineering, imagination is often undervalued.

Read Here


Unmanned Natural Disasters

  What the FAA giveth, FEMA taketh away.

Making The World Unsafe For GPS Jammers

  US is building compact jammers to jam anit-GPS jammers.

Read Here

Old robot sold for high price

  Don’t throw out those old unmanned systems.

Read Here


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AMREL designs and manufactures small-footprint, highly integrated, rugged mobile computing solutions for aerospace, biometrics, communications, commercial, construction, data acquisition, military, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, unmanned systems, and other applications.  With IP values ranging from 54 to 65, our MIL-STD 810/461 certified platforms have proven their durability in combat.  AMREL’s form factors include fully rugged laptops, tablets, convertible tablets, PDAs and Atom-based handhelds.  Our patented modular single solution approach minimizes peripheral devices, the total cost, and space/weight requirements. We customize, design, prototype, and deliver your solution faster than any competitor. Visit