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AMREL rolls out New Android Interoperability
Capability at AUVSI

You may not have had a chance to see AMREL’s new interoperability capability at AUVSI, but you can read about it on your free download.  Just as our Flexpedient® technology revolutionized OCUs for UGVs, we think interoperable Small Lightweight Expansion Devices (SLED) will become standard for handheld applications.  Click link at top of right-hand column.

Also in this issue, we linked to articles that deal with the future of unmanned systems in a variety of ways:

      • “By The Numbers” looks at the worldwide epidemic of IED incidents, which may drive UGV procurement.

      • DoD weighs its options for Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). takes a look at the very real possibility of terrorists getting their own UAVs. 

      • Unmanned fast food delivery may neither be practical nor legal, but it sure gets people excited.  Don’t miss the great quote from Steven Colbert below.

        See you Next month!
By the Numbers

IED Incidents Numbers

Period of Time




(Most in the World)





“Each month”

“Outside Afghanistan”


“Since January 2011”

“123 countries”


December 2012 to May 2013

(Second Most in World)


December 2012 to May 2013



December 2012 to May 2013



Maybe, total during civil war



October 2012 to March 2013

(Yep, we have them too)

Note:  The period of time for each IED Incident number varies.  The number of IED incidents does not reflect the number of casualties of either civilians or soldiers. These may actually increase during a downturn in the number of incidents.  Sources:  McClatchy, USA Today, and Marine Times

DoD considers three options for JIEDDO

  Fading quietly away is not
one of them.

Read Here

The UAV Arms Race

  “More than 76 countries around the world currently develop UAVs, but this count does not include organizations that develop unmanned systems, such as Hamas and Hezbollah…”

Read Here

Are Tacocopters and Burrito Bombers
the next Pony Express?

  “Thanks to the imagineers at Tacopter, now, wherever I am, by sending my cellphone’s GPS coordinates I can call in a surgical flavor strike that will level my hunger with significant collateral deliciousness.”  -Steven Colbert

Read Here


New Interoperability capability for handhelds
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