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The significance of handheld controllers

This month our Executive Briefing features a short morality tale on the dangers of ignoring handheld OCUs. OCUs are often an afterthought in the UGV development and acquisition process; they shouldn’t be.

We also link to an article describing an intresting demonstration of unmanned capabilities for small First Responders Departments. There’s news about the Autonomy Pilot Initiative, a Pentagon research project. Finally, we show you a video about the latest unmanned application: pizza delivery.

BTW, take a look in the right-hand column, and check out the
soon-to-be-released DR10 tablet.

See you next month!

Executive Briefing:
What you don’t know about handheld controllers can hurt you

  OCU Pros tell you what
you need to know
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Robots and First Responders, Beyond Bomb Detection

  Interesting demonstration of UGV capabilities for domestic emergency situations. In the photo, one of the officers in the middle is using an OCU.
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Pentagon Project Wants To Decrease Human Control of Drones

  “The Pentagon has awarded about $45 million to seven teams of government researchers, each tasked with solving a problem in the areas of robotics and autonomy.”
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Unmanned application of the month: Pizza delivery (VIDEO)

  Despite this successful demonstration, delivering pizzas by UAVs is still illegal.  If delivering pizzas by UAVs is outlawed, only outlaws will have pizzas delivered by UAVs.
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