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AEODRS, Sequestration, and the Wisdom of Lego

The Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot System (AEODRS) is one of the few fully funded programs around. So, it is drawing a lot of attention as the release of an important RFP approaches. This month’s Executive Briefing explores the significance of AEODRS for the Pentagon’s drive for interoperability, the DoD’s budgetary woes, and the future of UGVs.

It’s the second anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. At the time, many observers, including myself asked, Where are the Japanese robots? Since then, have the bureaucrats learned their lessons and made the appropriate investments in disaster-response unmanned systems? Dr. Robin Murphy of the Center of Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) center has a few thoughts about this issue, and they are not happy ones.

No one spends more money on unmanned systems than the USA, but Israel may actually have more operational experience. In a rare interview, Ophir Shoham, head of the Defense Ministry’s R&D gives his vision on the role of robots and other technologies. This is a man with a lot of influence about what is developed, sold, and bought in the unmanned world. To read this article, the reader has to complete a free registration form, but I think it is worth it.

Destroying unmanned systems is almost as much fun as making them. That seems to be the premise of the Science Fiction network’s (Syfy) new game show featuring battling robots. They don’t look like anything you would see in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the Robot Combat League could be fun. We linked below to trailers and full episodes.

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Executive Briefing
AEODRS, Sequestration and the Wisdom of Lego
aeodrs-sequestration-and-the-wisdom-of-lego This program may impact the way money is spent on the acquisition of Defense technology.

Full article here

Where are the Disaster Robots?
robot badge Great blog about an important emerging market.

Full article here

Israel Defense R&D Head Interview
Israel Defense R&D Worth the hassle of the free registration form to hear from a major influencer on military technology.

Full article here

Robot Combat League
Robot Combat league There is no truth to the rumors of a death match between a Talon and a Roomba.

Full article here
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