The OCU Pros Report Vol. 29                                                            August 2012

Extraterrestrial UGV


This was a big month for UGVs and those who love them.  One of our own survived a landing on the red planet, a far from certain outcome. Also, in this month’s Executive Briefing, we continue our series on GPS with a focus on their role in UGVs. We link to articles about social robotic research as well as an expose on the tragedy of drunken UAVs.


See you next month!


Executive Briefing


GPS and UGVs: Part II


Non-GPS navigation systems, autonomy, sensor data, jamming, and the Human Machine Interface are all factors that affect how GPS is used in UGVs.


Full article here



7 Minutes of Terror


You may have seen the animated representation of the Mars Curiosity landing. However, until you hear the scientists describe it, you can’t really appreciate what an insane mission this was.


Sample factoids:

· 6 configurations

· 500,000 lines of code

· Deceleration from 13,000 MPH to zero in 13 minutes


Watch video here                                              



Coming Soon to a Kindergarten Classroom:

Robot Teachers


OK, UGVs have survived the Mars landing, but can they survive kindergarten?  A look at research on social robots.


Full article here



 Flying under the influence


A satiric first-person account about why a stressed-out anthropomorphized UAV needs booze.


Full article here





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