The OCU Pros Report Vol. 28                                                             July 2012

Success is scary


GPS is cheap, available, accurate, and wildly successful. That has freaked out some people. This month’s Executive Briefing takes a look at this ubiquitous technology upon which we have become uncomfortably dependent. OCUPros also links to Robot Rodeo Videos, DARPA’s impossible challenge, and the “world’s first robot-prison guard.”


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Executive Briefing


GPS & Its Discontents


Learn about GPS vulnerabilities, proposed enhancements, and possible alternative navigational systems. 


Full article here



Robot Rodeo Video


Last month we told you how AMREL’s superlight handheld was used as an OCU and payload controller for an autonomy demonstration at the Robot Rodeo. has videos.


Watch video here



Improve UGV efficiency by 2000%


File this in the “you-don’t-do-big-things-without-thinking-big” category. DARPA is seeking proposals for a “…2,000 percent increase in the efficiency of power transmission and application in robots.” Do you think they are not seeking the goal of a 2001% increase, because it’s unrealistic?


Full article here



 “World’s First Robot-Prison Guard


People don’t even want to get speeding tickets from robots.  Wait till they get a look at this.


Full article and video here





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William Finn

Senior Editor & Copywriter


Bill’s work has appeared in Defense Tech Briefs,  IDGA, Robotics Tomorrow,  and Defense IQ.


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AMREL designs and manufactures small-footprint, highly integrated, rugged mobile computing solutions for OCUs. Our modular single solution approach minimizes peripheral devices, the total cost, as well as space and weight requirements. Quickly and easily modified, a single OCU can command and control a wide array of Unmanned Systems.

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