The OCU Pros Report Vol. 26                                                              May 2012

The only permanent thing is change


This month, we look at the the future of UGVs in the domestic market, Army’s thinking about unmanned systems, the “anti-AUVSI,” and remote controlled, fire-breathing, flying dragons.


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 UGVs & UAVs in domestic markets


Recently, there has been a lot of news about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles flying in the continental US. This month’s feature article takes a look at how these domestic UAVs are being received, and what implications it might have for UGVs.


Full article here




The Role of Unmanned Systems in the Army


For those wanting to know how the Army thinks about unmanned systems, you might want to look at this presentation. Specific capabilities of UGVs and UAVs are discussed in terms of time frames, as well as interoperability and modularity. This presentation was done by:


  • BG “Bo” Dyess, Requirements Integration Directorate – Army Capabilities Integration Center
  • Ellis Golson, Capability Development Integration – Director Aviation Center of Excellence
  • COL Mike Winstead Chief, Maneuver, Aviation & Soldier Division – Army Capabilities Integration Center

Full presentation here



The Anti-AUVSI


About as far away from the Army that one can get is Code Pink, an anti-war activist group famous for their confrontational tactics.  Code Pink is creating an infrastructure of anti-unmanned systems lobbyists, who present themselves as experts, speak at press conferences, and publish authoritative-sounding books.   They even staged their own Ground the Drones policy summit, which I suspect had precious little overlap with the University of Miami’s legal and robotics conference. 


Occasionally, the separate worlds of the mainstream unmanned system community and Code Pink collide. Code Pink is setting itself up as an antagonist to UAV companies and even AUVSI. It’s tempting to dismiss them as a fringe group, but these are the kind of people who will show up on a Tuesday afternoon at a congressman’s meet-and-greet in his hometown library. Maybe the congressman is a member of the Unmanned Systems Caucus, and will not be swayed by their arguments. Maybe, he doesn’t know a thing about unmanned systems, and just knows that he’s facing a bunch of angry voters.  A small group of determined people like Code Pink can be surprisingly effective.


Code Pink targets AUVSI news event in anti-‘drone’ campaign


Can the women’s antiwar group turn people against drone warfare?



We salute the dreamers (videos)


There are always a brave few who pursue their dreams. This month we salute those individuals who give into their fantasies.


See links below for videos to a guy who built a flying, remote controlled, fire-breathing dragon and another person who supposedly put a submachine gun on a quadrocopter.


I, For One, Welcome Our Remote-Controlled Robotic Fire-Breathing Dragon Overlords


Sorry, This Awesome Flying Submachine Gun Is A Hoax



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