The OCU Pros Report Vol. 23                                                              February 2012

Why you should care about the Uncanny Valley


You may have heard the term “Uncanny Valley,” a phenomenon in which people are revolted by certain types of humanoid robots. If you are involved in the development and manufacture of robots, you may think this phenomenon has nothing to do with you. You’re wrong. Even if you are not currently involved with human-like robots, this phenomenon may impact your efforts to break into civilian markets. Our featured article explains why you should care about the Uncanny Valley.


This month OCU Pros links to a number of articles about civilian markets, a topic very much on roboticists’ minds as the ground wars in Asia wind down. We have results for a survey about consumer preferences for robots, and a detailed story about the New York Police Department’s use of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle.


We also have an article and a video about a Canine Assisted Robot Deployment (CARD) system. You read that correctly; somebody is using a dog to deliver a snake robot for search-and-rescue.  Now, I could argue that this is a serious story in keeping with this month’s theme of civilian markets, but the truth is I just wanted to post a video of a dog with a snake robot.


See you next month!


Why you should care about the Uncanny Valley


If this robot gives you the creeps, you are not alone


Full article here


Consumers: Robots should clean my windows


Yet another article that mentions the Jetson’s robot maid


Full article here


Underwater Drones Giving More Eyes to Police Harbor Unit as Searches Grow


Do you think we can get the New York Times to stop calling UUVs “drones”?


Full article here


Snake robot rides a dog to the rescue


It would be much more impressive if the dog would deliver a vacuuming robot


Full article here





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