The OCU Pros Report Vol. 22                                                              January 2012

Telepresence: The Killer App for Robots?         

Robots have flooded our battlefields and factories, but not our homes and offices. This month we take a look at telepresence, which some people think will open up the consumer market to unmanned systems.  Also noteworthy, telepresence is being used in OCUs to augment the speeds of UGVs.


Frank Tobe, of The Robot Report, and the roboticist, Manoj Sahi, team up for a thoughtful look at the problem of standardization within the robotics industry. They make an interesting distinction between service and industrial robots, while exploring the age-old quandary of standardization and openness vs. proprietary rights and security.


I am fascinated by how science fiction, even juvenile fare, affects our approach to robotics. In researching the challenges of developing robots for household use, I was struck by how many times Rosie, the mechanical maid from the cartoon Jetsons, was mentioned.  As we wind down the wars in the Middle East, will we be beating our UGVs into Rosies?  Read about it in AMREL’s corporate blog’s posting, “Is there a robot in the house?”


Last October’s OCU Pros featured the The Unmanned Farmer, which revealed that legal issues were the biggest obstacle to the spread of agricultural robots. Unfortunately, this is true of many other unmanned applications, not just in terms of liability, but also privacy. Below are links to articles that discuss unmanned systems and civil liberties. Also, you may want to check out the University of Miami’s Law School’s conference about robotic law.


See you next month!


Telepresence: The Killer App for Robots?


You can be in two places at once.


Full article here


Robotics Industry is Highly Fragmented with Few Common Standards or Platforms


Looks standard to me.


Full article here


Is there a Robot in the House?


The future of household unmanned systems.


Full article here





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