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The Future of Unmanned Systems

Recently, the 2013 Robotics Roadmap was presented to the Congressional Robotics Caucus. We are barraged with roadmaps all the time, so it would be tempting to ignore this one. However, key influencers are involved, so it should be considered seriously. Also, they have a good, detailed analysis on civilian applications. You can slog through all 129 pages of the report or you can examine the highlights described below.

The authors of the report are bullish about the future of unmanned systems, but UAVs aren’t getting much love now from the DoD. The “Drone spending boom is over” is the headline for  They detail which service is buying which UAV.

Future Tense takes a look at unmanned work that is the definition of “dirty, disgusting, and dangerous.” Check out the link for “Sewer Bots: Unsung Heroes of the Underground.”

Robohub features short answers from various experts on “How will robots shape the future of warfare?” 

By The Numbers has a return engagement.

See you next month!

By the Numbers

8,000     Number of UGVs deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
11,000     Number of IEDs defeated by American explosive ordinance teams
125,000     Number of UGV missions completed by September, 2010
19,000     Number of UAVs sorties the DoD flew in 2009 for OEF & OIF
500,000     UAV flight hours the DoD flew in 2009 for OEF & OIF
10,000,000+     UAV combat hoursĀ  the DoD flew by 2010 for OEF & OIF
All figures come from 2013 Robotic Roadmap

2013 Robotics Roadmap Highlights

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SPOLIER ALERT!  The authors think unmanned systems are great!

Full article here

DoD UAV spending comes down to Earth 

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The party’s over.

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Unmanned Sewer Vehicles

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Sadly, they have found no evidence of albino crocodiles.

Full article here

How will robots shape the future of warfare?

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How would you answer this question?

Full article here

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