The New ROCKY DR10 8.4” &
ROCKY DK10 12.1” tablets are here!


Faster, brighter, and tougher, ROCKY tablets have been upgraded to meet the needs of today’s resource-heavy applications

New ROCKY DR10 8.4" fully rugged tablet
Brighter display
Improved memory
Longer-lasting battery
Better IP rating

New ROCKY DK10 12.1” fully rugged tablet
Improved graphic card
Upgraded standard NITS rating
New night vision option
Expanded mobile broadband options with greater choice of carriers

Faster Processor. Both the ROCKY DR10 and the ROCKY DK10 benefit from a powerful i7processor. 

Proven reliability.  AMREL has built 25+ years of experience into every tablet. The ROCKY tablet platforms have demonstrated reliability and ruggedness in the harshest environments, successfully used for applications, such as:

Operator Control Unit
Communication Management
Avionics Testing
Data Acquisition & Control
Supply Chain Logistics
Field Data Collection
Homeland Security & Law Enforcement
Geological & Scientific Field Research