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i7 server

The 19”/2 Server i7 MIL CS301 packs full i7 computing power into a footprint 75 % smaller than standard 19”rugged servers. Get full performance with less weight, energy and heat. Includes 2 disk RAID (supports RAID 0, 1) and a USB back-up disk.

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AMREL designs and manufactures small-footprint, highly integrated, rugged mobile computing solutions for aerospace, biometrics, communications, commercial, construction, data acquisition, military, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, unmanned systems, and other applications.  With IP values ranging from 54 to 65, our MIL-STD 810/461 certified platforms have proven their durability in combat.  AMREL’s form factors include fully rugged laptops, tablets, convertible tablets, PDAs and Atom-based handhelds.  Our modular single solution approach minimizes peripheral devices, the total cost, and space/weight requirements. We customize, design, prototype, and deliver your solution faster than any competitor. Visit http://computers.amrel.com

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